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Aug 1

Jason Aldean and the Phillies

I wish I was this cool. Gosh I could only imagine!

Jul 31

This Never Happened To Me And My Brother

Its not like I broke his arm more than once. But to be fair he did throw a butter knife at my face and I had to get stitches. So yeah this never happened to us.

Jul 31

Are You Ready For ‘River Bank Rip Rap’?

Well Brad Paisley did it. He made a remix with Colt Ford. The first part is pretty similar but the second half is just a little different. But I love Colt Ford so I like it. The question is do you?

Jul 31

Lucy Hale – Lie A Little Better

Jul 30

Look Miranda Does Her Own Laudry…Think She Can Do Mine Too

What I love about Country artists is how down to earth they are look! I mean look at this Miranda is doing her own laundry…did I see any on Blake’s not so much. But hey you can only do so much right!

Jul 30

I Love These Stories!

It is so cool when we can make an impact in someones life or help them out. That is something I have always wanted to do so when I watch a video like this it almost brings me to tears every time. How cool to see people who just need a little something get it and feel so special in the midst of their difficult crazy lives.

Jul 29

Jason Aldean’s ‘Burnin It Down Tour’ Are You Ready?

I didnt know a show was so intense. All for a few hours of fun!

Jul 29

Some People Have Too Much Time…and Legos

I loved playing with Legos when I was a kid…lets be honest I still play with my nephews now. Anyone someone too the time to make a Lego scene for every state in the union. You can see all of them HERE but this is one for California.

Photo: Jeff Fresen,

Jul 29

Wanna Hang Out with Florida Georgia Line?

Jul 29

Sometimes At Work This Happens

You may not have heard of Lindsay Ell but she is pretty stinking awesome! She is a killer guitar player, watch your back Brad, and then we got her with Soosh*e from our sister station Hot 1035. Not to bad considering we kinda made his do it with no prep.