Nov 26

Sam Hunt on David Letterman

Did you see Sam Hunt performing his new song on David Latterman the other night. Not going to lie its not the most country song in the world but I do really like this guy and his music. And I know the ladies like him because I cannot count how many times I have heard…’omg he is so hot!’ Whatever ladies you should see this guy with his shirt off. That is a sight for sure though probably not for the same reason!

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Nov 25

If Happieness Were A Cake…

I am not going to lie I like cake, and pie and candy pretty much anything sweet. So when I saw this I could not believe my eyes. I feel like its the 96oz steak. You know its going to kill you but you cant help but try it. Mmmmm now I really want some cake. Dang it!!!! I wish my grandma made this for Thanksgiving.

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Nov 25

And Its BACK!!!

I loved the original movie and I cant wait to see this one. I can only imagine how much better the graphics are going to be decades later. But I will say one thing we can learn from the trailer is just because we can does not mean you should. Just saying…

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Nov 25

American Idol Returns Jan 2015!!!!!

Its hard to believe that American Idol has been around for 14 seasons!!!!! Cannot wait to see this next season. I love the way Keith Urban is on the show. He is so cool!

Nov 25

Jake Owen – What We Ain’t Got

I have always like this song and feel like it is such a good song. Things we need to be reminded about when life gets a little crazy. Love it.

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Nov 24

Will Hoge – Middle Of America

Nov 24

Josh Turner Takes You Behind The Scenes of ‘Lay Low’ Music Video

I always love getting an inside look at what happens when they shoot music videos. How else would I have been jealous of Parmalee and their 400 foot water slide?

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Nov 24

Because Someone Had to Say It!

Not going to lie I am not a fan of skinny jeans. I dont know how people wear them. They are so uncomfortable and let be honest not worth it. I will take my regular boot cut jeans any day of the week. I love my jeans.

Nov 21

A True Christmas Miracle

Did you know that this really happened. The first year of WWI some soldiers laid down their guns and were friends is nothing more than a few hours to celebrate Christmas. How amazing! This video gave me chills when I saw it!

If you dont believe me that there was a short time where the fighting stopped, at least for part of the western front, then check out this video. Proof that amazing things can happen in this world even if for a short time.

Nov 21

Chase Bryant – Take It On Back