Apr 27

Darius Rucker Flips Boats For Chairty

Darius Rucker is a great guy who really cares about his fans and making a difference. He was on an episode of ‘Flipping Ships’ on Animal Planet. All the proceeds going to charity! How cool is that! Check out a little preview of the show below!

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Apr 27

Earthquake Overview

7.8 magnitude earthquake his Nepal over the weekend and the city has been devastated. 1000s are dead and many more missing. One news agency had a drone fly over the city to really see the extent of the damage. Watch the video below and see how you can get involved too.

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Apr 24

Forever Imortailized!

I have to admit I hope one day I am cool enough to be immortalized in a pretzel! Apprently some people really love Tim Tebow and some not so much. But at least they are letting off steam via pretzel instead of mean words. Either way I would eat it.

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Apr 24

Shots Fired!!!

There has always been a lot of lets call it competition between Apple and Android but when I saw this I could not help but laugh! I am an Apple guy through and through but I have to admit when someone pulls a great prank. Way to go. Cant wait to see how the Apple universe is going to react.

The picture has since been removed but all I have to say is challenge accepted!

Android Peeing on Apple
Photo: Google Maps

Apr 23

Check Out Chris Young’s New Ride

What?? My niece wanted one…

A photo posted by Chris Young (@chrisyoungmusic) on

Apr 23

Chase Rice and Frankie Ballard Questioned By Secturity

It is not every day that you hear about a country artist getting questioned by security but alas sometimes things just happen. Now does it matter that its a funny or die video? I think so. The good news is they got off clean even though Frankie had a small pocket knife. Its actually kinda funny. Check it out.

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Apr 23

Americans So Indecisive

Everyday you are bound to get an emoji or two from your friends. As they grow in popularity people are starting to do the research to see which ones are most popular where.

As it turns out, Canadians use the smiley poop emoji more than any other users. Australians use 65 percent more drug emojis and twice as many alcohol emojis. Brazilians used the most cat emojis. Russians used the most romance-themed emojis. And Americans led in the use of a random mix of emojis including the birthday cake, eggplant, skull and tech-related emojis.

So happy emoji-ing or whatever it is!


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Apr 22

She Still Looks Amazing!

Miranda Lambert partnered with People Magazine and took some photos with no make up and dang she still looks so good. Dare I say better than normal. I dont know. Actually had I seen the pic and not known it was supposed to be her I would have assumed it was someone else. Either way she totally killed. Also, in the same issue Sandra Bullock was named worlds most beautiful woman. I feel like we just need to flip a few pages over and see the Miranda killed it with out no make up. You decide.

Miranda Lambert No Make up

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Apr 22

Tim McGraw Receives Top Honors

Tim McGraw is one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential people and was honored at Time’s 100 Gala where he got to perform with Kanye West. They released a little snipit of the fun. Look at Tim McGraw show those city folk how to be country.

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Apr 22

Its Finally Here!

I have heard Billy talking about his new album forever and I have been waiting for it to come out. Finally today he announced ‘Summer Forever’ will be out 6/2. It features his new hit song ‘Don’t It’ and 11 others songs I can only assume will be awesome! Cant wait to hear it all!

New album, SUMMER FOREVER, featuring 12 new songs including the hit single "Don't It", available 6/2. Pre-order now and…

Posted by Billy Currington on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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