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Dec 30

10 Top Country News Stories of 2011

Yep another list for ya! Go back and remember all the biggest country news of 2011! Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Trace Adkins and more all made the list. Fine I will tell you #10 is Jason Aldean working with rapper Ludacris! Thats it you have to read the rest…I know I sould like you high school english teacher and I hated english! Stupid “I” before “E” except after “C” rules! Check It Out HERE!

Dec 30

Thompson Square says Thanks!

Shawna, from Thompson Square, posted on facebook last night that her fater was going to be having surgery this morning at 7am and ask for prayers and good thoughts. As you probably figured out 7am is long gone and she updated us; he did very well in surgery and is in recovery now. The happy couple that is Thompson Square say THANK YOU for your prayers! Read More HERE!

Dec 30

Behind The Session with Scotty McCreey

Take a look behind the mic with one of your favorite artists.

Dec 30

Ever wonder what 7 years will do to your face?

Dean Berner from Edens Edge got a nice picture from his brother, Gary, showing him what his face is going to look like in 2019! I just hope plastic surgery has advanced far enough to help him by then.

Edens Edge's photo My brother Gary drew a beautiful picture of what I'll look like in 7 years and 3 days. What a talent!!  DB
Edens Edge on WhoSay

Dec 29

Best Viral Videos of 2011!

Here is another one of those lists for ya! The best viral videos of 2011!

Dec 29

Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift named….

“Celebs Gone Good!” Well it is actually a list of celebrities that have helped those in need in the last year. Both Taylor and Miranda have been involved in giving their own money and time to help support great orginazations or helping those who lost so much because of natural disasters. Also on the list Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Brad Pit and more. Read More HERE!

Dec 29

New Years with The Band Perry

The Wolf’s New Years Eve Bash is going to be “off the hook” but if you are more the lets stay home and go to bed early kind of New Years celebrator and you like The Band Perry make sure and watch Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest because The Band Perry will be performing! See two great things at once, and early bed time and a great show!

Dec 29

Stupid Laws of 2012

Ok so not all of them are stupid, but in Utah starting in 2012 they banned daily drink specials…that is HAPPY HOUR! How are you going to be happy without happy hour? That is just one of many new laws but not all of them are as stupid. Read the all HERE!

Dec 28

Blake Shelton and Season 2 of The Voice

How is Blake Shelton going to destroy the competition during season 2 of The Voice? Shelton revealed that he will retain last season’s strategy of picking the singers with the most unique and different voices for his team. He goes on to say ““I am picking polarizing voices,” Shelton reveals to The Boot. “That really worked out well for me last time around. There were a lot of great singers on that show, but there was only one Dia and one Xenia. They are so different from any other voices you ever hear. That’s what the show means to me.” Read More HERE!

Dec 28

Jake Owen and The Discover Orange Bowl

Thats right good ol’ Jake Owen will be performing at The Discover Orange Bowl. Now for what you didnt get from the title…its going to be on ESPN at 8p ET on January 4th! See it always pay to click! Read more about how Jake is from Florida and is excited or something HERE!