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Apr 30

Keith Wants YOU at the American Idol Finale with him

It would be so cool to see the finale of American Idol live in person and now you have a chance. Looks like Keith really wants you there to since is he making it happen!

Apr 29

Blake Shelton Tweets Adam Levines REAL Phone Number!!!!

I have some friends that play jokes but man I would be so mad if I was Adam Levine! I mean really my phone number to 6 million fans!!!! But I would mostly be mad because I have had the same number since high school and I would having to relearn a new one.

Apr 28

Tornado Hits Jo Don’s Home Town

It would have to be so hard to wake up and see the news that a tornado hit your hometown and that there were some people who did not make it through. I am truly blessed we dont have that kind of stuff happen in California all the time.

Apr 28

Chris Young goes Lego

Some people have too much time on their hands and end up making amazing stuff like this! Granted its a older song but still this is pretty cool…if for no other reason than Legos are AWESOME!!!!

Apr 23

Lady A give us a Sneak Peak of Their new Music

I feel like a spy getting to hear some of the new stuff that Lady A is working on. Granted it is little samples and they released it to the public but I like the idea of being a spy so lets just go with that!

Apr 23

Ahhh The Awkward Childhood Moments

Luke Bryan recently tweeted this picture of his son’s latest art project. I say he was just trying to express himself like daddy on the piano but I can see how others might take it as not such a good thing. When I was a kid doing this it was on my mom’s freshly painted wall. That ended horribly for everyone involved.

Apr 22

Nashville Keep Growing!

It looks like the hit TV show on ABC is going to continue to grow with more guest stars. This time including First Lady Michelle Obama and Kellie Pickler.

The pair, who will both play themselves, will appear on the May 7 episode entitled “All or Nothing with Me.” In the episode, Rayna James (Connie Britton) calls upon Obama and Pickler to join her for a charity concert at Fort Campbell after she learns that Luke Wheeler (Will Chase) has been injured in Afghanistan. –


Apr 22

Dierks Bentley…Loving Husband!

Dierks Bentley is so cool. His wife was running the Boston Marathon over the weekend and he was there with the family showing all his support! Super cool! All day long of twitter he was posting videos and pictures! I knew I like Dierks Bentley!

Apr 22

Dierks Bentley Lets You Get ‘Drunk On A Plane’

Dierks Bentley is a pretty cool guy and he has a new song out called ‘Drunk On A Plane’. Its a pretty cool song, kinda sad his fiance left him, but he sounds like he has some fun on the plane. Anyway this is your chance to put yourself in his place but instead of have some fun doing it and possible end up on his website! Check it out below!

Apr 22

Dave Haywood of Lady A is Expecting!!!

Another ‘Lady Baby’ is on the way!

Lady Antebellum‘s Dave Haywood and his wife Kelli are expecting their first child, a boy, this fall.

The couple took to Lady A’s Twitter to announce the exciting news today. “So excited for a new Baby A on the way in Sept,” they wrote. “And it’s a boy!!!”

Dave and Kelli recently celebrated their two year wedding anniversary.