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Dec 29

Lightsabors are real!

This is super cool. Dangerous but then again that’s what a lightsabor is supposed to be! Too bad Christmas is already past or I would have totally got one of these for Nick from the morning show!

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Dec 29

Dustin Lynch Should Have Been There

Cole Swindell did something really cool to help make a fan’s day. Zachary was wearing a Dustin Lynch shirt at a Cole Swindell show and instead of Cole being all offended he decided to FaceTime Dustin so he could see for himself! It was actually a really awesome video and you can see how excited Zachary gets. Enjoy!

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Dec 23

Victim or Not? You Decide

Just saw this online! I feel like someone was having a little fun late one night but it is pretty funny!

Haha #HomeAloneTonight

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Dec 22

This Looks So Good!

I want it! Now if only I could find someone to bake them for me!

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Dec 21

That Awkward Moment….

I don’t know if I could like TV. I mean live radio is very similar but I would just hate to do something like this. I don’t read stuff I just go for it.

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Dec 21

Netflix Socks!

This has to be the best Christmas present ever! Happy creating!

Dec 21

This Makes Me Want Kids!

I have been getting this feeling more and more lately. Kids are so stinking cute! Ok New Years Resolution: Find girlfriend.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

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Dec 21

No pressure or anything

This would be so stressful! You get up there wanting to have a little fun and all of the sudden the artist for the song you are singing jumps on stage with you! I know I can’t sing so that would just make it a million times worse! But then again pretty cool to share a stage with Brett Eldredge.

Be careful when you choose a country song for karaoke in Nashville. The artist may be in the audience dressed as an elf. #bretteldredge. Gavin Vandergriff Bridget Aileen McCarthy

Posted by Russ Evers on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Dec 21

Brantley Gilbert – Stone Cold Sober

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Dec 19

A 100 Years Of Toys

This is a pretty cool video showing off some of the most popular toys of the last 100 years! I can honestly say I had more than a few of these toys. One of my favorites that was in the video had to be the slinky (my grandparents had the best stairs for it) and the Game Boy! So many fun memories!

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