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Jan 28

And The Happiest State In America Is…Not California

But not too surprisingly it is Hawaii. I mean California did make the list (#10) which is still pretty good. But I had no idea that people were so happy in Alaska (#2) and Montana (#3). But West Virgina…I can see that. See more HERE!Baby Photo

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Jan 26

Should I Feel Safer Or Not?

I am kinda torn on this one. Apparently TSA found a record number of guns in people carry on luggage in 2015 and 83% of the over 2,600 were loaded! They say its because of increased training and security training. I really hope that is the case and not that people are bringing more guns to the airport. But should we be surprised Texas was the biggest offender of the whole ‘you can’t take a gun on the plane’ thing? Check out the article HERE.


Jan 25

People Really May Be Watching You!

This has to be one of the creepiest things I have found online in awhile. Sometimes I just wish we could live in ignorant bliss! To think someone could be logging in and watching me is so creepy. Talk about #realityTV. Find out more and how to protect yourself HERE!


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Jan 25


Not going to lie if someone had to crash your wedding it might as well be Luke Bryan right!?!

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Jan 22

Chris Young – Think Of You

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Jan 22

I Want One Just Cuz Its Cool!

I know we dont have much snow here in the valley but a boy and his toys. This reminds me of all the fun things I got to do with my dad when he worked a small construction company. A young boys dream! I got to drive tractors, cranes, water trucks and more! This is just a little more fun I could have as an adult!

Jan 22

You Can Call Dierks Bentley!

This is really cool. You can really call Dierks and leave him a voicemail. Some are even making it on his socials! Happy calling!

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Jan 21

Cole Swindell – You Should Be Here

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Jan 20

Granger Smith – Backroad Song

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Jan 20

I Am Not This Patient

A guy asked his girlfriend 143 times to marry him in pictures and she just never saw it…until she did! I could not wait that long. Seriously I would have gone nuts about 2 days in! Asking her to send me some pics and really look at them or something! But it is a cool way to do it!

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