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Jan 6

2 Truths and a Lie 1-6-16

So which one is the lie today? Well if you guess New York Home To First Ever Fresh Pizza Vending Machine was the lie then you are correct. But it is a real thing and its in Italy. Seriously there is even a video below!

1) Legos Are A Better Investment Than A 401k

2) Strangers Fall In Love After Liver Transplant

3) Fresh Pizza Vending Machine in Italy

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Jan 5

Two Truths And A Lie 1-5-16

Here are the headlines from today’s game. Have fun. Almost everyone said the first one about Google was false but alas I guess Google still needs work. But then again I knew what from when I tried to use it to translate Spanish papers back in high school. I never got away with it.

1) True – In Ukraine, Google Translates Russia as ‘Mordor’ and top diplomats name as ‘Sad Little Horse’

2) False – U.S. Car sales set world record in 2015 after record recession. (Its actually just an annual record)

3) True – Twitter may increase character limit to 10,000 characters.