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Nov 10

Best CMA Interviewer EVER

It may be a few days late but leave it to Ellen to have the best red carpet interviews of the year at the CMAs. I love that she always sends someone else because it ends up being so awesome every time!

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Nov 8

Carrie Underwood Wants To Be A Dog

I mean you have admit they probably have a pretty amazing life. Just sitting around and traveling the world with a couple of pretty awesomely famous people. Sounds like a win!

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Nov 3

So Why Was Brett Eldredge Santa For Christmas?

Now we know. He invited trick or treaters in for an impromptu concert. I bet you didn’t do something that cool on Halloween.

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Nov 2

Well That Was Unexpected Carrie

There are so many things you learn about artist that can be fun. For example, in this video we learn Carrie is up first, likes coffee better than tea, loves running and prefers “snap”. But all that being said Carrie Underwood is pretty awesome. More than once I’ve wished my last name was Fisher instead of Allen.

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Oct 31

How NOT to have a good day!

In case you were wondering how to NOT have a good day Chris Lane made sure to show ya. His bus caught on fire Sunday while driving to an event. Thankfully everyone is ok but sadly it sounds like Chris may have lost nearly everything. Not the best way to end the year…silver lining he’s getting a ton of new stuff for the holidays.

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Oct 20

Jon Pardi Plays Baseball

I guess Jon Pardi plays baseball…or at least someone who looks exactly like him! Whiskey Riff posted an article of artist who have baseball doppelgangers. Jon Pardi, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt and more made the list! Check it out HERE!

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Oct 12

Well This Seems Like A Win!

A new bike and a chance to hang out with Dierks! If only I liked motorcycles! Dierks seems like a real down to earth cool guy and I would to get to know him more. I’m just waiting for him to giveaway a plane, since he is such an avid pilot, and Ill be all over that.

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Oct 10

I Feel Like A Proud Uncle!

Not going to lie I am really excited for Shay and his fiancee! I mean I know I will never be Uncle Mike but still its really exciting! Way to go Shay!

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Oct 5

Baby Car Seat For Your Cup Holder

Only in Japan would they design a child seat to fit in a cup holder. I mean it is for a fake baby for the many couples who don’t have a child but want all the fun! I mean it seems like a great idea right up to the point where you spill your hot coffee all over your car and legs because you forgot you had a fake baby sitting in your cup holder! Check out more HERE!


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Sep 29

Coffee’s Ticking Time Bomb….but so good!

This has to be one of the coolest things ever! If only we could get it minus the 2 days of traveling and thousands of dollars. I would drink this all day long! And the best part you can even get hot chocolate! So awesome!!!!

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