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Jan 10

All You Need To Know About Dan + Shay

This was very informative. Glad I’m not the only one that likes wine! Go Dan!!!

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Jan 4

He’s Doing Better!

Not long before Christmas Carrie Underwood’s little dog Ace suffered a herniated disk. As a result he was paralyzed and I could only imagine what she was going through. She recently posted this video of Ace in recovery and walking! Thankfully he was only temporaryly paralyzed and is now doing better! Keep it up dude!

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Jan 4

Oh Hellz No!

If this happened to me I would not react like Brett Eldredge did! A snake in the toilet when I first wake up in the morning…NOPE!

Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN

A video posted by Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) on

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Jan 3

Thomas Rhett – American Spirit

Thomas Rhett released this music video on New Years…pretty great song!

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Dec 30

Country Stars Hang Over Cures

Well New Years is almost here and we all know its about to get crazy and you might have one too many beverages. So how do you deal with that pounding headache and fun? Well here is how some of your favorite country artists deal with it. I think Brett Eldredge be on to something. But we will let you decided!

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Dec 28

Granger Smith Honors His Father with “Tractor”

Every person I’ve ever talked to about Granger Smith has said he is easily one of the best guys the world has ever known! He recently released this video in honor of his father and as his tweet says its all real and its all about him!

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Dec 28

Jason Aldean And The Good Ole Days

Memories at the best! I have to admit that is what I love most about getting together with my brothers. So many things I’ve forgotten about that they haven’t. Always a good time.

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Dec 27

Shay’s Big Reveal…It’s A BOY!!!

Shay Mooney and his fiancee revealed on Christmas they will be having a little boy and they also revealed the name…Asher James Mooney. Congrats to them!!!!!

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Dec 21

So Its Not A Movie…But Its My New Favorite

I can’t help but laugh a little at this short. Wait until the end its so worth it! All I gotta say is I wonder how many people will be doing this on Christmas Eve.

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Dec 20

William Michael Morgan – Missing

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