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Jan 4

Oh Hellz No!

If this happened to me I would not react like Brett Eldredge did! A snake in the toilet when I first wake up in the morning…NOPE!

Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN

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Dec 30

Country Stars Hang Over Cures

Well New Years is almost here and we all know its about to get crazy and you might have one too many beverages. So how do you deal with that pounding headache and fun? Well here is how some of your favorite country artists deal with it. I think Brett Eldredge be on to something. But we will let you decided!

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Nov 3

So Why Was Brett Eldredge Santa For Christmas?

Now we know. He invited trick or treaters in for an impromptu concert. I bet you didn’t do something that cool on Halloween.

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Jul 11


That’s what she said!

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Jun 10

Brett Eldredge Got In A Fight!

I am glad to say he took that beating in stride and didn’t even fight back! Way to set the example Brett. Turn the other cheek!

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Jun 1

Brett Eldredge Teach Thomas Rhett The Art Of Interviewing

This is pretty good! I think we could all learn a lot from Brett when it comes to interviews.

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Apr 22

What Was He Thinking?

He looks like a baby! But to be fair I know if I did this I would look the same way. Maybe I should just because!

Brett Shaved edited

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Jan 7

You Just Got Flower Bombed!

Thanks Brett Eldredge!

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Dec 21

No pressure or anything

This would be so stressful! You get up there wanting to have a little fun and all of the sudden the artist for the song you are singing jumps on stage with you! I know I can’t sing so that would just make it a million times worse! But then again pretty cool to share a stage with Brett Eldredge.

Be careful when you choose a country song for karaoke in Nashville. The artist may be in the audience dressed as an elf. #bretteldredge. Gavin Vandergriff Bridget Aileen McCarthy

Posted by Russ Evers on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Jul 8

Tyler Hubbard’s Wedding Video

How cool would it be to have Canaan Smith, Brett Eldredge, Charles Kelly, Brian Kelley and Thomas Rhett as groomsmen! I love my friends but they are not famous like that! But the whole wedding looked pretty awesome!

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