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Nov 29

I Think This Is A Thing Now

This is the 3rd installment of Jason Aldean and his wife having a little fun driving around Nashville. But this time Jason is driving. I hope this becomes a things because its pretty fun!

Gobble Gobble!!

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Nov 17

Carpool Karaoke with Jason Aldean 2.0

The first video got such great reviews they decided to do it again! Always a lot of fun to see a married couple handle their differences.

Back by popular demand…still trippin

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Nov 14

You Can Just Feel The Love

Jason Aldean took some time to hang out with this wife and you can just feel the love!


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Feb 19

Everyone Makes Mistakes…MOVE ON

As you know Jason Aldean has been going through the ringer over the last few years since he was caught kissing his now fiance Brittany Kerr. It eventually lead to a divorce from his wife at the time. Since then there have been many haters. But Jason is done with them. It’s time to move on.

“I’m looking forward to 2015 … to settle down and to focus on what I need to be focusing on, which is my career and my relationship,” Aldean says in an interview with the Tennessean. “I want everything else to take a backseat for a while, and for all the focus not to be on negative stuff all the time. That stuff is a drag reading about it and seeing it and constantly being asked about it. I’m looking forward to putting all that stuff behind me.”

I guess we will have to see what happens this year. Will it finally be the year people will forgive him and move on or keep holding a grudge? We shall see.

Jason Aldean Album

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