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Jan 19

Yep Thats A Shirtless Dierks Bentley

Did you see that Dierks had to pay the piper this year for his polar plunge? Since he was 13 days late she spent 13 mins in 36 degree water. Ummm so would not happen for me.

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Jan 17

Dierks Bentley – Black

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Nov 15

Dierks Bentley LIVE from Legends in Nashville

I guess Dierks was getting a little antsy being home for two weeks so he got his band together to kick it old school at Legends on lower Broadway in Nashville, how it was when he first started. What an amazing show too! He streamed the whole thing which you can enjoy in all its glory right here!

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Oct 20

Jon Pardi Plays Baseball

I guess Jon Pardi plays baseball…or at least someone who looks exactly like him! Whiskey Riff posted an article of artist who have baseball doppelgangers. Jon Pardi, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt and more made the list! Check it out HERE!

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Oct 12

Well This Seems Like A Win!

A new bike and a chance to hang out with Dierks! If only I liked motorcycles! Dierks seems like a real down to earth cool guy and I would to get to know him more. I’m just waiting for him to giveaway a plane, since he is such an avid pilot, and Ill be all over that.

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Sep 26

Dierks Bentley…Failed River Guide!

I have to admit this was pretty funny for so many reasons! Up til the very end Dierks was convinced he was going to get them free and finally it was the girl who got them unstuck while Dierks and Randy stayed in the boat! Good times!

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Aug 16

I Guess It Runs In The Family

You’ve heard Dierks Bentley’s new song called ‘Different For Girls’ and he just got to singing with his daughter. Those were some proud papa eyes for sure!!!!!

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Aug 3

When You Boss Is Pilot

And a really nice guy! Seriously one day I will have my pilots license and I will be able to go explore like Dierks Bentley!!!! Where would you go on a plane with Dierks if you could?

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May 31

Oh And Another One Gets A Black Eye!

I don’t whats in the water but Cole is the latest of 3 artist to get hurt in the last two weeks. Maybe its because summer is getting here and everyone’s excited to get out and have some fun. Hopefully he is the last one and we don’t get anymore!

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May 26

Sounds Like A Winner To Me

I wonder how hard it was for them to play that badly. I could only imagine one of them being OCD and freaking out right after the video when off.

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