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Jan 4

He’s Doing Better!

Not long before Christmas Carrie Underwood’s little dog Ace suffered a herniated disk. As a result he was paralyzed and I could only imagine what she was going through. She recently posted this video of Ace in recovery and walking! Thankfully he was only temporaryly paralyzed and is now doing better! Keep it up dude!

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Nov 8

Carrie Underwood Wants To Be A Dog

I mean you have admit they probably have a pretty amazing life. Just sitting around and traveling the world with a couple of pretty awesomely famous people. Sounds like a win!

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Nov 5

Now This Is Just Mean

I love to fly but this is just sad. I know she is paying for her dog to fly first class but I am not goingto lie it makes me feel really lame. Maybe one day I can be adopted by a rich person and fly first class like this dog.

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