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Dec 1

Luke Bryan And Fan

Concerts are supposed to be places full of fun and excitement but sometime it does not always go as planned. This video surfaced of Luke Bryan have a little run in with a fan. The fan was flipping Luke off and heckling him and this is what happened. Security then kindly escorted him out of the show and the rest of the night continued on with no incident. Note to self do buy front row seats and start flipping off artists. Save the money and invest in something better.

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Aug 22

She Said YES!!!!!

So happy for Miranda Lambert! She was able to find love after she and Blake’s divorce…granted they have to wait 25 years but hey…lets call it a back up plan! I mean you gotta cover your bases right!

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Dec 29

Dustin Lynch Should Have Been There

Cole Swindell did something really cool to help make a fan’s day. Zachary was wearing a Dustin Lynch shirt at a Cole Swindell show and instead of Cole being all offended he decided to FaceTime Dustin so he could see for himself! It was actually a really awesome video and you can see how excited Zachary gets. Enjoy!

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Nov 2

And You Thought You Were Sam Hunts Biggest Fan!

It turns our Hillary Scott’s daughter Eisele is a huge fan and the feeling is mutual. Sam Hunt always took time to hang with here when he was on tour with Lady Antebellum and obviously she liked him. But gosh she is so stinking cute!

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Apr 8

Luke Bryan Has You To Thank!

As you can imagine Luke Bryan is kind of a big deal but he knows who made that all possible…you! Earlier today he released this video just a special thank you to the fan for all of their support in making his career what it is. Without you buying tickets, records and requesting his music Luke Bryan would still be a nobody.

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Mar 4

Taylor Swift Is Such A Good Person

For all the crap people give her Taylor Swift really is a good person. SHe is always doing something cool for her fans. One day I hope I can be this cool.

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