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Jan 17

Jake Owen – Seafoam Green

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Dec 19

Jake Owen and Parmalee – Christmas Spirits

This is the kind of Christmas party I wanna go to but not at my house…can you imagine the clean up? Not thanks!

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Jul 7

Dang It! We Missed it!

This is why we need to just not do any works and always be on social media! We could have gone on a road trip with Jake Owen! Man stupid emails!

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Jun 20

Jake Owen Goes 360 with American Country Love Song

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May 26

He Got Stitches!!!

This has to be one of the hardest things I have looked at in a long time. Ugh don’t like blood! If you are a doctor, nurse or anyone who works with this stuff more power to you!

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Apr 13

Jake Owen – American Country Love Song

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Dec 21

This Makes Me Want Kids!

I have been getting this feeling more and more lately. Kids are so stinking cute! Ok New Years Resolution: Find girlfriend.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

A video posted by Jake (@barefootjake) on

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Aug 19

Jake Owen Is Getting His Own Clothing Line!

Jake lives at the ocean and on the water so its perfect he would get picked up with Salt Life to develop his own line of clothing! Super cool! Check out the announcement below.

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Jul 30

Jake Owen Selling Beloved Jeep

For many a music video we have seen Jake Owen’s restored Jeep but it is finally being retired. Interested? I would be but I can barely afford one car payment let alone owing Jake Owen money.

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Jun 29

Jake Owen – Real Life

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