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Jan 24

Justin Moore Taken Down By Wrestler

That awkward moment when you are just hanging out on stage and you get taken down by a wrestler…awkward.

He diamond cut me #diamondcutter #BANG #americanmadetour

A video posted by Justin Moore (@justincolemoore) on

The aftermath

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Sep 12

Justin Moore Just Said ‘NO’!

There have been lots of country singers that are trying their hand at being movie stars but Justin Moore is not one of them. He was recently offered a role in a movie and he turned it down because he said he had too much going on and he wants to make sure the family comes first! Pretty awesome guy gotta say! Read More HERE!

Photo: Valory Music Group

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Jun 17

Oh We Care Justin Moore!

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Feb 17

Justin Moore – You Look Like I Need A Drink

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Jan 7

Justin Moore…2015 Dad Of The Year

I love the look on his face, well this is happening. It is really nice that he likes to play with his daughters and at least he has found something they like to do. And he is even cooler because he posted it! Way to go Justin!

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Nov 3

Reading Song Lyrics…With Justin Moore

A lot people say bad things about country music but at least if you read the lyrics they are not so bad. Check out this video of Justin Moore reading the lyrics to ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake.

Watch Justin read (and laugh) the lyrics to Drake's #HotlineBling! (See the full video on his Facebook page)

A video posted by Justin Moore (@justincolemoore) on

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Jun 2

Justin Moore’s Twitter Followers Saved The Day!

Losing a pet is always hard! Justin Moore and his family lost their dog Hank and turned to twitter to help find them. And you did!!!! Way to go! Ok so maybe it wasn’t you and me because they were in Georgia but still pretty cool to see the power of twitter.

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Apr 21

Its Time We Disconnect.

Justin Moore is joining with Cabela’s to encourage fans to take some time and disconnect. Lets be honest we all need it every once in awhile. They even made a little video about it. But man did you see how HD that screen what. I think I need to get me one of those so I can really feel like I am there!

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Apr 6

Justin Moore Surprises Who With Tickets!

Again this is country artists stepping up and really thanking our working first responders! I love it!!!

‘Moore visited the Hershey Fire Station to honor the firefighters for their daily sacrifice and courage on behalf of their local community. He gave each of them free tickets to his concert at the Giant Center on March 26, which was presented in partnership with Crown Royal. He also gave the fire station a $5,000 donation on behalf of the whiskey brand for them to use towards necessary renovations’ –

Justin Moore Firehouse

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