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Dec 1

Luke Bryan And Fan

Concerts are supposed to be places full of fun and excitement but sometime it does not always go as planned. This video surfaced of Luke Bryan have a little run in with a fan. The fan was flipping Luke off and heckling him and this is what happened. Security then kindly escorted him out of the show and the rest of the night continued on with no incident. Note to self do buy front row seats and start flipping off artists. Save the money and invest in something better.

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Oct 14

Everything You’ve Ever Googled About Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan took some time to answer the most googled questions about him. Now that we know all those you need to come up with some new creative things to Google about Luke Bryan so we can get another video. #homework #getonit

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Sep 28

Oops Luke’s Water Broke

Sometimes you just can’t control when things happen. I feel like Luke got the short end of the stick for this one!

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Sep 19

Luke Bryan – Move

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Aug 23

Luke Takes You Way Way Back…Behind The Scenes

Ever wonder what happens when there is a big show and what its like to be a rock star? Well Luke Bryan, arguably the biggest artist in the country format gives you a little taste of what its like in his latest LBTV!

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Jul 11

Luke Bryan’s A Hero!

Its not everyday a country singer helps save a sheriff who’s in a pinch…especially when they are on vacation! Way to go Luke…way to go!

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Apr 16

Coolest Message Ever!

Luke Bryan got what has to be one the coolest messages ever from a soldier and he shared it on Twitter! This literally gave me chills and still does every time I read it.

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Apr 4

Luke Bryan – Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Everyday

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Mar 10

So This Is How They Do It

I always wondered how hosts of award shows got ready. Finally we know! Not exactly what I expected but hey then again its Dierks Bentley and he is a very unique man.

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Jan 5

Coolest Lyric Video EVER!

This is seriously cool. You know how usually with videos you can only see what they shoot well now you can see all around you and depending on where you are ‘looking’ you see different things! Pretty cool check it out!

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