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Jan 4

Oh Hellz No!

If this happened to me I would not react like Brett Eldredge did! A snake in the toilet when I first wake up in the morning…NOPE!

Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN

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Dec 16

There Are Better Ways

Sometimes I do not understand people. This guy is angry with deforestation happening in the Amazon so in protest he decided to put a poisonous frog and snake in his mouth! Because that is going to get everyone to stop cutting down trees, the crazy dude playing with poisonous animals. Can’t wait to see what happens because of it!

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Jun 3

At Least He Is Getting His Protien

I am not sure what I would do if I found a 4 foot snake coming out of my cabinet and then trying to eat some of my eggs. I don’t like snakes. But then again he was just looking for a little food. Ahh I still don’t like it.

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